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Razzle Beautiful and Talented Razzle Dazzle is a 9 week old Australian Shepherd gal that will definitely impress you with her wit and charm. This young lady is deaf and is doing very well with her training. Stop by Aussie Rescue San Diego on Facebook and check out a photo of her and her perfect “sit” [link]

adoption contact:
Becky email or (619)469-3748

and while you are there make sure to see the other charmers being fostered with Aussie Rescue…

Spring This wee fuzzball is a 7 week old border collie mix that is representing a whole gaggle of her siblings. check them all out at Aussie Rescue San Diego. [link]

Zip Sweet 6 year old Australian Shepherd that is looking for a mellow home environment. Love that Smile! check him out at Aussie Rescue San Diego. [link]

Sunday January 29th from 1-3 pm Aussie Rescue will be having an adoption event hosted at Howlistic Pet Supply and Dog Wash [link]


Union Trib Adopt a Pet Page

Pick up today’s Union Trib and check out the Adopt a Pet section. The showcase of local adoptable pets demonstrates the diversity of companions that can be found in our local shelters and foster groups. Check it out !





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Wild n’ Woolly

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woolly, yes! wild…not so much.  I interacted with a group of four lovely little ladies that Aussie Rescue of San Diego chose from the Devore shelter (San Bernadino).

Aussie Rescue has been helping the pups’ personalities blossom by utilizing positive training methods. The pups were initially unsure of human interaction and have been learning very quickly [...]

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Save a Life… sponsor a pet

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The Union Tribune Adopt a Pet Page Sponsorship ads will begin running in the newspaper soon. Keep your eye out for them! Shyla, a lovely shepherd gal from San Diego Humane North Campus will be one of the featured adoptable pets. If you would like to sponsor a pet for the spring Adopt a Pet [...]

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What, me worry ?

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Napolean -  Sweet Corgi / Aussie ? boy that has picked up a new set of wheels. I saw him running along a field with his wheels and he could get along really well. Even with the new mobility and happy-go-lucky attitude there are a lot of considerations for the person that brings Napolean to [...]

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